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Family Bank - Visa Card Promo

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Family Bank will be the first bank in Africa to rule out a new mobile based payment service dubbed M Visa. This move I'll driven service will allow customers to pay for goods and services directly from their counts of the merchants bank account at no cost. Mr. David Focal, Family Bank managing director and CEO, said that Family Bank would be the first back in Africa, but also in Central Europe and Middle East, to rule out this revolutionary service that is putting the bank at the centre ofthe innovative financial solutions in the transformative journey. The MD spoke during the gold life of the new service done at the Ashley's Executive Barbershop. Along come off the street ahead of the official launch by Visa, the global payment services firm. He explained that customers will be able to make payments for goods and services either face to face or remotely. This new service will also enable them to send and receive funds from other visa account holders worldwide, as well as withdraw and deposit cash to and from their account at M Visa agent outlets. The service is fewer steps required to conclude a transaction unlike other mobile based payment options secure for both consumers and merchants, hence reduced risk of frequent frauds. This service will be offered to Family bank customers on the pestle, PAP, mobile, APP and U. S SD platforms. Once activated, M Visa will enable customers to pay for pushes is instals by simply King, the Merchant I D or scanning a Q R code displayed at the merchant location. A key difference between card payment and M visa payment is that the transaction is initiated by the customer, who also enters the details, which considerably reduces chances of fraud. M Visa is designed to enable consumers to engage in secure digital commerce and more easily access funds in the existing bank accounts to make everyday purchases and pay utility bills.