English language Diaper Ad, Mom helping other caregivers!

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This is a Huggies commercial. Very well written!

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Times are changing and today's new parents don't look like what they used to their millennial, their multicultural, they're mobile, they're optimistic. They juggle fiestas and poopy diapers, day jobs and midnight feedings, meetups and spit ups, bulky strollers and walk ups. They love caring for their babies, but they're not crazy about brands that tell them how to sew while other brands continue to treat them like this. Huggies will be the first baby brand to truly listen to their wants and needs while also supporting the way they parent how by talking the way they talk and showing them how perfectly we fit in their lives just like a hug. After all, only Huggies fit like a hug, no matter how silly unexpected fun, sticky, cute hectic or even explosive life gets so they can keep on keeping on without the worry. So to all those moms and dads out there carry on parent on. But above all hug on.