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globalization is changing the way the world works and population growth is shifting quickly. By 2030 China will surpass the U. S. As the world's largest economy. Currently, one in five American jobs are tied to international treat. And more than ever, employers are seeking workers with cross cultural skills. For us to remain a leader in global affairs, American students and to play a bigger role in our interconnected world, studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain global skills. Yet only 10% of US students participate. The rest risk falling behind on the skills they need to compete in the new global economy. That's why the Institute of International Education launched Generation Study Abroad, a five year initiative to double the number of US students studying overseas by 2020. We're partnering with educators, employers, countries and leaders to help students by increasing funding and scholarships, expanding student diversity, internationalizing the curriculum, increasing cross campus collaboration and mobilizing alumni. These exceptional partners inspire us every day with their outstanding efforts, but we cannot reach our goal without more help. Will need faculty and alumni engagement, family support, increased awareness and financial commitments toe affect real change. We've built momentum, but much more is needed. Let's work together to make study abroad opportunities available to all students and help prepare future generations of Americans to succeed in the global economy. Are you on board?