Coming of Age Rom Com M/F

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A Girl introduces her parents to a fake boyfriend. He takes the job very seriously.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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What the heck was that? His brows furrowed. I was meeting your parents. I tried to hold on to my anger, but really boys should not have such gorgeous eyes and long lashes. I ripped my gaze away from his face and my hand out of his. My voice was shaky and all my anger had fled when I said more like ruining my chances of them ever liking one of my actual boyfriends. I mean you hugged my mom hugs are like crack to that woman. I'm sorry you didn't tell me her last name. So I improvised. I crossed my arms over my chest. He had done a pretty good job and my parents seemed convinced and happy. He was clearly good at this kind of thing. Just don't hug her again. I just need to survive this without them getting suspicious. No need to go for the Oscar. And the last name is Miller. Of course. I'm sorry Mackenzie. Don't call me Mackenzie. It's max my anger didn't face him at all. He paused for a second and then smiled max that fits you much better. Damn him.