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Women's Fiction (Adult, child, 2 teens scene)

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This is a clip of an audiobook I narrated. How To Save A Life by Kristin Harmel, presented by Simon and Schuster audio. The scene includes a child and two teenagers as well as the main character, Jill.

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Teen (13-17)


North American


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the tree gives extra days to people like us who haven't really had the chance to live yet but I'm way older than you guys are. I say why am I getting the chance to have extra time maybe because you're kind and because there are so many things you haven't gotten to do, the tree knows what it's doing Logan says. And here's the thing Jill, I think we're kind of lucky. Most people don't know when their time is up and because they think they have years and years ahead of them, they don't take the time to really seize every moment and go after the things they want. It's all about making your life complete and lots of people don't get to do that in 80 or 90 years. So even though we have less time, we know the clock is ticking, it makes every second more meaningful, doesn't it? I guess so. I say, just as Frankie comes back into the room trailed by Caitlin, they both sit down on Frankie's bed and stare at me. Thanks for including me in your tree thing. I finally say when the silence gets awkward, we thought it was just for kids Caitlin says but then Logan said the tree told him you were supposed to get a chance to live too. I turned to Logan so you're saying the tree actually talks to you guys? He nods, we can hear it whispering sometimes. Have you heard the tree? I asked turning to Frankie and Caitlin. Not very often Frankie says, but sometimes and it told you to include me. I asked turning back to Logan. He nods again. But we all had to agree we had to move forward one day in order to add you on. I glanced back at Caitlin and Frankie suddenly understanding their reluctance. So you all had to give up a day. Yeah, Caitlyn says it's the second time we've done it at first. It was just me and Logan. Then the tree told us about Frankie so we had to move forward. Then she glances at Frankie and then back at me and it was worth it. I'm sorry, is all I can think to say. I'm sorry I cost you all a day of your lives, Frankie shrugs. It's okay. Time doesn't mean the same thing as it used to when you know you get to keep repeating, but you can't tell anyone Caitlin says suddenly stern. I know, I promise Caitlin and Frankie exchange looks okay, Frankie says you've always been really cool to us. So I guess if anyone is going to join us, we're glad it's you Caitlyn nods, Logan reaches for my hand. I'm going to take Jill down to the tree now I haven't explained the other thing yet. The other thing I asked, No one Answers. Me Caitlin and Frankie Nod and Frankie offers a hand to help Caitlin down from the bed. I'll walk her back, see you guys in a bit