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This is a scene from a Novella I narrated. This scene is between the main character Jill and the love interest Jaimie.

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North American


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Hey, you're the woman I saw in the lobby of Children's this morning. He says, I blink at him. I'm certain we didn't interact this morning because I was rushing to get to dr Frost's office and I didn't want to be waylaid by a conversation. Are you sure? I asked? He looks a little embarrassed. I'm sorry. That probably makes me sound like a stalker. We didn't talk. You were in a hurry to get somewhere, but I noticed you. You did. He nods. You're very striking. I looked down at what I'm wearing today, which happens to be my dr Seuss scrubs. Once again, I've mostly given up on changing up my outfit with each new today. Sure, I look like a real fashion plate. I didn't say your clothes were striking, He says with a laugh. I said you were striking. Although who doesn't love the cat in the hat personally? I prefer redfish, Bluefish, he laughs. I'm sure you would look equally fetching in. Redfish. Bluefish scrubs, fetching. He turns a little red, sorry, too much. No, I smile. So you're a nurse at Children's, I'm guessing? Yes, on the oncology floor, that's great. I'm a volunteer there on the cardiology floor. I say, how did you know that you're not the only one who's been observant in the lobby? He looks surprised. Really? I just smile at him. He clears his throat after a minute. Okay, maybe this is weird after we just spent the last few minutes saving a man, but at the risk of sounding way too forward. What would you think about grabbing a drink with me. I don't really want to go home yet. There's a great little bar a few blocks from here. If you feel like stopping off, I study him. There's nothing in the world I'd prefer more than grabbing a drink with Jamie right now. I know we'll connect and that the sparks will fly and that I'll fall just a little more in love with him. And I know too, that in the morning when I wake up and it's today all over again, my heart will break a little more knowing that I'm once again a stranger to Jamie. I don't think I can. Why not? He asks. It only takes me a second to decide to tell him the truth. After all, he won't remember in the morning, anyhow. I'm just coming from a doctor's appointment and the thing is, I'm dying. I have an aggressive brain tumor and there's nothing they can do about it. So as much as I'd love to go have a drink with you, I'd just be wasting your time. I won't be here much longer. He stares at me without saying anything. You're being serious. This isn't just the most creative excuse ever to turn down a date, I'm afraid it's true then. Unless you have somewhere else to be you have to let me take you out. It sounds like you need someone to talk to and I'm pretty good at listening. Jamie, I begin. How do you know my name? He asks, looking a little startled. Oh, I pause, trying to think of a rational explanation. I heard you say it to one of the order leaves a few minutes ago, did I? He looks confused. Oh, but I've somehow missed yours. Jill. Well, joe. Do you have someone at home waiting for you or is there a friend or family member you want to go be with right now to share your news? None of the above. Then come on, he says, offering me his arm, You're going to tell me everything and we're going to figure it all out.