Animation Demo - Perky Gal, Young Boy, Evil Villain, Nerd, Action Hero



Various Animation Characters - Perky European Woman, Young Boy Superhero, Evil Pig Villain, Stuffed Up Adenoidal Man, Irish Video Game Hero Commander Military Leader

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Eastern European (General) Irish (General) North American (General)


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You're right. There is a pond at Villa Borghese Gardens. We could get the water from there. What do you say, Amira? It's all my fault. Don't worry, joe joe. I'll get your balloon back in. No time, activate tiger claws. The decongestants shrink by inflamed sinus cavities and help and drag up some excess. Not but I'm still stuffed up in exactly 22 hours and 15 minutes. My mega vortex satellite will clean out every angle. A home, a bank account. I'll be the richest and most filthy pig on earth. And there's nothing you can do about it. Listen to me. If the game runs out of power, who knows what will happen to us. After all, this is Singles World. The rules of reality. Don't apply going in the basement. Don't know what I will find. And though it's dark and scary, it's just one step at a time. What was that?