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Trailer for a new research area in the zoo.

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Vienna Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world for more than 260 years. Our passion and commitment to animals has being continuous. Recently, the world has changed greatly. Many animals have already become extinct, while countless others are critically endangered. As a modern scientific institution, we have committed ourselves to conservation of species. We breed species that in the wild at the very edge of extinction, we support programmes with the aim of reintroducing species back into their former native habitats. Our goal is to ensure that animals have the best chance of surviving by supporting them. Like these northern bald ibises, hand reared Vienna Zoo and then talk to follow their migration route south. The team at the end, a zoo fight to ensure the best chances for the future of endangered species in the wild. We humans are the only ones capable to kill off entire species, but we are also the only species able to save endangered species for the future