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This Demo includes a bit of doctor, patient and narrator I've done. I've literally done hundreds of these as most of our clients are healthcare, med device and pharma. Frankly, there are few multisyllabic medical terms that I haven't narrated, and often in a long string!

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welcome. I'm dr Michael Sutton. I'll be one of two physicians walking you through the hypercholesterolemia treatment guidelines. Video presentation today. I'm a cardiologist at University Medical Center and my colleague dr jane Weiss is a primary care physician here during this presentation. I'll walk you through the key recommendations from cholesterol clinical practice guidelines that were developed by the american Heart Association or a. H. A. And the american College of Cardiology or a. C. C. Dr. Weiss and I will occasionally share experiences of patients we've treated. My wife passed away eight years ago and I've lived alone ever since I retired after my heart attack. I've talked to the idea of going back to work but just haven't been myself for years now. I used to visit with friends a few times a week up until a year or so ago. I think I'm becoming a hermit. Elaine wants me to call my doctor and she's afraid something's wrong with my heart. She worries too much. I'll get around to it eventually. Angiogenesis is triggered by disruption of the balance between angiogenic inducers and inhibitors which are produced by both malignant and normal lung cells. Pro angiogenic factors implicated in lung cancer include vascular and endothelial growth factor V Jeff. Basic fibroblast growth factor B. F. G. F. And angiogenic cytokines such as Interleukin Eight. I was a little disappointed about having to switch doctors. I felt so comfortable with Dr reid he'd been with me since the very beginning seven years ago now. Dr Garcia has been great though she never seems like she's in a rush to get to her next appointment. And she often asked about my granddaughter charlotte, Talking about charlotte always brings a smile to my face.