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At one point of my life, I aspired to be a rapper. This track is from my first mixtape.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


African American Vernacular English (AAVE) , North American (General) , North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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jumps, Grace, You got a problem with braces. One down shoes to make mama Shop of the sounds Signs was always like my father than tale Time C Cup six. By the time I hit for Grady, that right Apologies stating attention, Buster. And you know what with no calls. Second, a toll booth for Kirby. Mama, show me. Dig it out. Mrs. Reid. Get to steppin Initial. You could say that, mister. I'm what? *****? You can call me Daddy if you question it, you plus just You should want to step on the way I'm here when they have been it put the brilliant killing, killing it put emerging in the game And I'm still in Mr Minute, Stillman, help the haters Because I'm stepping all toe from go from London that way should put the triple wishing harm One more hole they fill in wrapping the home Wait, hold the honeys road Each wonderful hopeful she so low Oh, no Beat crew that run They promise not to tell me something Ticket Booth with us Heaven help the cut in the **** that switch to quit So see you, mister You cut it This I know what It's something you can call me Daddy. Everybody felt everybody. Everybody motivated little missy from the state of Mississippi. Let the common vocal fill me down. A ******* in the city of the president is every day. You must never hurt him. Everything. But get that crazy as ever. Forgive me. Catching what? Climate? Because I'm blowing up like good surrender. Keep listening. I'm in here with your late England off base. You get what? I'm doing it again. But I know what little issue some freaky ****. I love me on types of somebody by the spirits of hip hop to pick What big stop doing Just like pop was like like left. I don't think that I was great to survive. So what are they digging, Digging in a field in defending it? I'm hearing the heaven that put the thrill in that minute. I'm killing it, killing it with murder in the game. And I'm still in this still in it for the ladies Don't let me put a freaking be my baby How surprised And I always from behind just letter she beast She writing for the kids in the sheets complete I am the whole pack. I'm great. I'm the best mind **** a homosexual games. Well, let's just say I'm good at what I do that's getting Mr Does it help the trays up from the south side all day? Wait, that one is this one. Because there's really nothing to worry about, The blood, like, like to feel like like cash is going to be And Mr on the street check I get what I need What they got was a slight beg Zip it tight, then let it slicing my boat up in I think I might be Now I got no white ladies One like my damn I must be the way they told me that I cried And that is what I think So I'm about to save the day later Because someone the taste of change now about fate Wait, wait And that is what I think So I'm about to save the day later because someone to change laws Now wait