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Chocolate Bunny ad

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English (North American)

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Child (5-12)


US Western


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I am so excited about Easter. It's gonna be a so awesome, you know, People eat us on Easter. Wow, people, Etess. Oh, yeah, I hear were really delicious. Well, that kinda ruins Easter for me. People eat us this year to make sure no one eats me. I'm gonna wear a disguise so nobody realizes that. My chocolate bunny. What do you got in mind? Good luck with that. Hey, can I tell you a secret? What? I don't feel bad when other chocolate bunnies get eaten. You're kind of dark because I know how delicious they are. Oh, you're really dark. We gotta go to a place where people donate chocolate bunnies for Easter. Where is that? I don't know. Maybe over there. I think they jog. Let bunnies over there too. Hear what happened to Gary? He was murdered. Murder is kind of a strong word. Strong ward. Someone ate his face. His face that his legs and tail and body. All that's left are his ears. Well, that does sound kind of mercury. Are you nervous? Easter is just around the corner. No. Why? Because we're chocolate bunnies and people eat us. I'm not a chocolate Bunny. I'm a Norwegian. I'm pretty sure you're a chocolate bunny. Fright night Norwegian, you acknowledge. Looks like people eat Norwegians for Easter. Do I just want to make it Flag Day? Why ever seen people leave chocolate bunnies to celebrate Flag Day? I have not. No, because nobody ever eats chocolate bunnies on Flag Day. You just don't do it like wearing white after Labor Day here, an idiot. Some people think Halloween is the scariest holiday, but it's not even top five, Really. What's your top five? Easter is number one, followed by Easter Monday on Easter Tuesday and Easter Wednesday. I don't think there's an Easter Tuesday. Uh huh, Um, what is that? I don't know, but I feel so much better. I was thinking, If we can just get people to eat some other chocolate animals instead of chocolate bunnies or golden what other chocolate animals? Chocolate ducks. It places the lotion in the basket. What? It places the lotion in the basket. What lotion? What are you talking about? The basket thing? It's a movie reference. Forget it. What lotion