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A sample of commercial and character work.

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Voice Over • Television Ad


This is my reel. Enjoy.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian, British, North American, US South West (Texas)


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or something far greater. Hold on. This isn't a competition. Forget your measuring stick. The only thing that matters is how high you set your sights higher. No, no higher. That's right because from up here, when the clouds part in your mind clears, you gain a whole new perspective, open center body and enter the code to join the project. Fuel grind recover with gatorade bars, baby put a little cigarette, maybe just a little cream ready for the big game, check out game day videos and ads on youtube. Ad blitz ad blitz is the game day destination on youtube. The turn, the fundamental roots of what we have all come to love and share with one another. The simplicity of it is what makes one appreciate the style and creativity that can be put into something that is so basic. They say no man who enters the shadows, comes are alive that a man crazy enough to wander over those peaks must be cursed by El Diablo himself. The stakes just got insane. Thanks to monster energy. Taking consumer promotions to a whole new groundbreaking level. Ladies and gentlemen, Montreal presents the superman's designed for ultimate on mountain performance. The superman's is a Merino one piece for the stylish. This ain't my first rodeo, I'm gonna need you to write one **** of a letter. We pull inspiration from all living things. If we can harness that power, nothing can stand in our way your mountain is waiting. So get on your way the mountains battleground, too many skiers and snowboarders from around the world