Plain and Simple The Dude

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We love them we hate them, They are the ones that sound like they are always down to get high and have fun. They are the typical a highschool or college Skater/Surfer guy you see all the time. The Dudster of the Dudes. It's The Dude.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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chad, grand is back in your life. I had so many energy drinks. I don't think I would need a bed until like six months from now. So maybe I could just couch it here righteous. I can see from your aura that you're cool. Whoa. I'm seeing auras and everything. Oh wow. The energy drinks did something to me and now they're wearing off. I'm gonna go see if the bed has an aura too. Oh dude, you can save the day I borrowed a garbage truck cause I want to see what it's like to be grabbed by the mechanical arm and thrown inside. So I need some padding or I'm gonna have a busted head. Uh, can I borrow like 10 mattresses? Dude, I am kind of in the middle of something. Gotta start a billion dollar business today. I'll tell you more later. But here's a little spoiler, high speed bumper boots dude, no, you are in violation of the dude code Dude. You wanna ask me then pick on my losing sports teams, my stupid hair in my strikeouts. But if you keep coming at me like this and a dude is obligated to a roast you in a serious manner or be walk in the last time someone, they were knocked out for three days. So zip it dude, you are the one and only. So I'm going to present you with something that I couldn't fit in my apartment anymore. It is the iron brown. It's actually aluminum because it's made from 1000 melted energy drink cans from bros, I defeated in chug contest. Uh, you sit upon the throne of your defeated enemies and since you have out cooled me, it is yours now.