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Chris Walters II Commercial Demos

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Voice Over • Video Narration

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


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when you have the courage to believe in yourself. That's when people believe in you be the man you are meant to be. Shake hydro sense, putting themselves in harm's way, putting their own lives on hold and putting their patients first. Visit doctors without borders dot org's toe. Learn how you can help. Hey, Google. What's the best way to get red wine out of your girlfriend's favorite sweater? Better yet, Hey, Google, can you show me sweaters for women? And you better get flowers, too. There are thousands of car accidents every day, but they all have something in common. No one saw them coming. Eyesight assist is now standard in the Subaru Forester, so you'll always be one step ahead. If you want a car, you go to a car dealership. If you want a pizza, you got a pizza Hut. It's in the name people knowing out pizzas the hut. You thought you were going home at five. Then the client called. They're requesting changes, but it's okay because you've got Diet Coke, Strawberry guava. So those changes No problem