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Existing Iconic Character imitations including Mickey, Joker and more!

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Since a very young age of just 10, I started to do impressions of real people and characters from TV, Films etc and ever since for the past nearly 25 years, have greatly expanded that skill range to loads more as well as my acting background with Doreen English 95, childrens acting and modelling.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, US General American (GenAm)


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Oh boy! To make the clubhouse appear. We get to say the magic words. Miska Moscow, mickey mouse. Say it with Miss kau kau mickey mouse. Oh my goodness! What's going on? One minute I'm digging up the dirt and the next I'm doing silly voices into a microphone. What is my world coming to? Got a little fight in you? I like that. Drop the gun. Sure you just take a little mask and show us all who you really are. Let her go. Very poor choice of words. Hey martin, What do you think of a new job at the quickie mart? I'm worried you're leader of their donuts and drink their beer, mm donuts and beer. Not this way master. There's another way. Oh yes, indeed. There is another red, it's darker, more difficult to find more secret, but Smeagol knows it. Precious run. Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me. I'm the gingerbread man. You're a monster. I'm not a monster. Here you are, you And that fairy tale trash eat me. Oh man, that is great. We can stay up late, swap manly stories and in the morning waffles because I'm all alone. There's nobody here besides me. My problems have all gone, nobody to deride me