Authoritative, Powerful, Highfalutin, Demanding

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These are meant to showcase an almost arrogant, highfalutin attitude

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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I asked you to copy exactly what I had written. But, alas, I find that the words are written out in the very way I did not want, just as if it had been done on purpose. Hence I insist once more that most particular attention be paid to the way the words are entered under the notes. It's not a matter of indifference if the consonants are added immediately to the vowels, which should be drawn out as I showed you and explains to you, and what is more told Schindler to remind you, all I can do is make you my head butler at my estate, Give you a safe and warm room, three square meals a day. All you have to do is prove to me that I did not make the wrong decision about appointing you with such a dignified position.