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Vegeta versus Frieza

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Voice Over • Animation


I made up a scenario with Vegeta fights Frieza. so Vegeta can finally liberate himself from the nuisance of Frieza.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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back into oblivion. A Uhh! Don't forget what you did to me last time will not happen here. Oh, well, Well, that seems. Then you will be sadly missed. Achon monkey, Do you not remember how I had you believe? My feet? You are nothing to me. You and your worthless Let it with your wife. Lesson, right, Bloodline. You're worthless saying pride. I just saw your home ladder. Don't you remember the oh, they are dying with fireworks. Inside body was amazing. Oh, they trio, How dare you speak on. I'll do a desperate vacation of a whole race as if it was nothing. My father, anybody Mother able die. I had to serve you. And now you can't. Coming back and back into my life is if it wasn't bad enough. And then I have to sit on the sideline. Or you you of all people I know you of all people have saved by universe. My part is hurt and I I it made me so livid. Why? Why do I keep being so no cataracts destroyed you when you were what I New York terror. He knew nothing of yours. He only killed one of his friends who destroyed my whole race. But yet he was the one that was able to take you out. It is heard like run. But why did it get in? But Geeta, whiny It's all you want. Todo. But I, on the other hand, have been obtaining my power. Even when I was enforced into me this excruciating by listening to these happy go lucky people even if a I will never you will never get rid of me. But it it's clear that according to the grand plan or some people they saying Tory Yama will keep bringing me back to destroy you in the cause. You pain of your pain and your pain Us Elin Knocking. Come on me. Give me your all in due this time I will not send you back into ****. But I will send you the Tolerance and co. It's oblivion, e you stupid my game! Don't you get it? Don't you get all of this? Is you attain your power Thanks to me, you are set alive Thanks to me. You owe your ancestors to me Now bow before your master. Come on. I bow to no one. Not even that birth that imbecile calculate. So that think that you we'll be able to control me this prince of all things? No. Well, today I shall be truly liberated. Oh, e Oh, you're getting slower. Shut up your insulin for you will take care of you want e?