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This is a podcast where we discuss whether astrology has any bearing on how serial killers come about. I am the one discussing the astrology.

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so he also has the capability to influence a lot of people. So, like seduction is a life theme as well. So that probably helped him get into people's homes. You know, having that like salesman kind of mentality to him. He would do that a lot. He would play different roles to be able to trick people into letting them letting him into their house. Yeah, like in relationships like people are typically drawn to him, and he likes to be in control, like you said, and he likes to be seductive, and he likes to be seduced as well. So the best life that he could effectively have would be to influence people. But at its worst, you can also hurt people which he by controlling them and you think your charm for personal gain, which is 100% what he did. So now Shirley is dead, and the kids are kind of yelling, and then the phone rings and he remembers, Oh, shoot, She told me the neighbor was gonna call to check on her and the kids. And since she's not answering the neighbors, probably gonna come over. So Dennis quickly again cleans up and kind of heads out and Dennis had a hit kit and hit close. I love that it's called I gotta hit, Hit and hit close. So it is. Write a song about that Wake up, um, in his head hit quicker, quicker And his hit kit. He would have his all his bindings, anything you would need to bind, torture and kill and his hit close. He would kind of change into these clothes, murder people and then take those clothes off and change back into his normal clothes. Very Dexter of him. So very smart murder. Unfortunately, yeah. I mean, astrologically as a pisces. His Pisces particular concoction causes him to be very complex and being torn in his personality. So it kind of going back to what we were talking about with the heretic, like he's torn between being a good person and being a bad person. Um, he's also very insecure. So having that having those hit close like it could be that as long as he stays organized, he feels less insecure about doing something wrong and then with him, like cleaning up afterwards, too, and yeah, and so that he could also be very cold and distant. So again, with the job that he has, he doesn't really have to relate to people. He can stay in his own little bubble and just use his charm on the people he wants to turn it on for. Yeah, Crazy. Crazy. So what? They're being three years between his other murders and this one. Please didn't really link the murders together at that time. Well, yeah. I mean, you probably have a lot of change over in departments and stuff like that, too. So they probably weren't thinking. Oh, this matches this Emma on this matches the Samoan. Um, there were three years between the murders. They think because this is when Dennis was having kids and kind of like starting to raise a family. So he was kind of busy. He had a son and a daughter. Um, and Dennis daughter was born in 78 she said that her dad was a loving dad, and she would never have guessed that this would ever be him. And no daughter should ever have to think that your father is anything other than a superhero. You know, like no. Like, Imagine if your dad was a murderer. I never want to think about that exactly. She said that he would take her fishing and was the president of his church and was involved in his son's Boy Scouts and everything. Denison's son is very private, so I kinda just left it at that. Like you leave him alone. Guys, you say, private. I don't blame you. In December of 77 that has struck again. Dennis calls this his perfect hit, Uh, and it's on Nancy Fox, which that is who Dennis wrote that poem about, and that's what we started with, Uh, Nancy Facts was one of Genesis projects, and he studied her for a very long time. He saw her walking the neighborhood one time and decided like, Yep, you are going to be my next project and started stalking her. He checked her mailbox to see what her name was, and that's how he found out her name. He went to her work and kind of studied her at work, found out her hours of the works, and we knew like when he should go to her house and everything guys keep in mind like this is before the age of the Internet like we're all super stockers now. Super all of us are. But imagine like the time and the patience that it would take to actually physically stock someone And to find out all of this information creepy. Like we could find out all this information in a matter of minutes. Yeah, I actually saw this video on Facebook or something. And this girl was on the subway and saw this guy and his backpack had his, like, baseball number on it and the college he went to. So she went online, looked up the roster, and then, like, had to go back a few years because he was an alumni and found his name that way. And then, like, went on Instagram found him on Instagram and, like, message him and the guy was like, How did you find me? Like, That's really creepy. No, she was, like, thirsty. She wanted to get in touch. It wasn't like a like, just for fun. Z's Let's see if we can do this. She like Seriously No, she thought he was cute. So ******* say hide. Exactly. Walk up to me like what up, your cute Oh, my God, That's a lot I know, but that's what it reminds. Oh, my gosh. Um, yeah. So he was studying her. And when he finally felt that he knew enough about her, it was time to complete the project. He went to her apartment and knocked on the door just to make sure that she wasn't home. And when she wasn't home, he went into the back and cut the phone lines and broke into her house and waited for her to get home in the kitchen. When she got home, he was waiting for her. And when she opened the door, he was just like, Hey, I have sexual problems, and I'm gonna have to tie you up and have sex with you. Hey, what up? What up, homie? Maybe that's what the girl on the subway should have said, like, Hey, I have sexual problems, but I think you're cute like Oh, my God. Yeah. Dennis said that she was a little bit upset with this whole situation. Like I can't make that up. He literally was just like she was a little upset. Oh, my God. Yeah, No, you don't say so. Dennis was like, Okay, take a load off smoke a cigarette. Just relax a little bit, and then I will tell you. So Nancy sat down Relax while she's like I said, smoked a cigarette and the name said, All right, let's get this over with so I can call the police. She asked to go to the bathroom before they started, and he was like, Yes, but just make sure to come out with no clothes on. Okay? You got to do. Yeah. Yeah, I just this whole scenario, I'm playing it in my head, and it's just like I just picture her like a bad like romance novels. Yeah, Um, so she comes out undressed and he's undressed to appoint as well. He handcuffed her and ties her up and strangles her with a belt. So and he said that he would strangle her to a point where she was almost dead and then let up and have her, like, kind of gained consciousness again. And that was just like, his way of having complete control over her life and her. And I think he just got off on that power. Speaking of power, So Pluto is his most dominant planet. Okay. And just as a reminder when a planet is considered to be the dominant, That is the sign that rules your birth chart. So it means that these planets have a more powerful influence than the other planet. Does each person have one planet as your dominant? Yes. So each birth chart has a first dominant, and it will be in, you know, a certain house. And so we'll have to We're going to do an episode guys for you on, like, all the human design types and a bit more in depth of what the cycle are the psychological, the astrological chart. It will be Danielle seeing things that me being, like, what? Because I'm on the same boat as you guys like. I don't know much about this. So we'll get that out to you ASAP, maybe. And the next week or two. Um, so the first planet, his first dominant planet is Pluto, which is the planet of power. Um, this planet is all about transformation and rebirth. Um, So even though Pluto loves to be creative and to create new things, it also loves to destroy. So this planet primarily rules destruction, death, kidnapping, coercion, viruses. It governs crime, **** and along with other forms of subversive activity like terrorism. Wow, and kind of what you said. He creative side, but also destructive. Like he would draw up, be creative and draw up a little torture, things that would destroy people. So it's, like, kind of crazy how we like tied on together. Yeah, and it's It's everything about the secret and ever undercover. So it's really very much like the good versus the evil like the little angels on your shoulder, like constantly at war with each other. Well, that's crazy. How much this is all relating. I know it's amazing.