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Fiction, urban/fantasy, adventure, multiple characters

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A sample of my fiction narration; one male character (preppy, know-it-all), one female (edgy, irreverent).

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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Come on, Darlington said, helping her to her feet. The illusion will break any minute, and you'll be lying in the front yard like a noon drinker. He half dragged her up the stairs to the porch. She had handled the jackals well enough. But her color wasn't good. And she was breathing hard. You're in terrible shape, and you're an *******. Then we both have hardships to overcome. You asked me to tell you what you were getting into now, you know? She yanked her arm away. Tell me not try to kill me! He looked at her steadily. It was important to you, understand. You were never in any danger. But I can't promise that will always be the case. If you don't take this seriously. You could get yourself or someone else hurt someone like you. Yes, he said, most of the time. Nothing too bad happens at the houses. You'll see things. You'd like to forget miracles too. But no one completely understands what lies beyond the veil, or what might happen if it crosses over death waits on black wings, and we stand hop light hacer dragoon! She placed her hands on her thighs, and peered up at him. You make that up Cabot Collins! They called him The poet of lengthy Darlington reached for the door. He lost both his hands when an interdimensional portal closed on them. He was reciting his latest work at the time, Alex shuddered. Okay, I get it. Bad poetry, serious business. So were those dogs real real enough? Their spirit hounds bound to serve the sons and daughters of wealthy. Why, the long sleeves, stern track marks. Really? He had suspected that might be the issue, but he didn't quite believe her. She straightened and cracked her back. Sure, are we going in or not? He bobbed his chin toward her wrist. Show me Alex lifted her arm, but she didn't shove her sleeve back. She just held it out to him like he was going to tap a vein for a blood drive. A challenge. One that he suddenly didn't want to accept. It was none of his business. He should say that. Let it go. Instead, he took hold of her wrist. The bones were narrow, sharp in his hand. With his other hand he pushed the fabric of her shirt up the slope of her forearm. It felt like a prelude, no needle punctures. Her skin was covered in tattoos, the curling tail of a rattlesnake, the sunburst bloom of api any and Mhm. For wheel? He resisted the urge to touch his thumb to the image below the crook of her elbow. Dogs would be interested in that bit of tarot. Maybe it would give them something to talk about. Why hide tattoos? No one cares about that here, half the student body had them, Not many had full sleeves, but they weren't unheard of Alex yanked her cuff back down. Any other hoops to jump through plenty. He pulled open the door and let her inside