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This a sample of my nonfiction audiobook narration.

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Toward the end of his career in 1872 Charles. Darwin published the expression of the emotions in man and animals. Until recently, most scientific discussion of Darwin's theories has focused on on the origin of species 1859 and the descent of Man 1871. But the expression of the emotions turns out to be an extraordinary exploration of the foundations of emotional life, filled with observations and anecdotes drawn from decades of inquiry, as well as close to home stories of Darwin's Children and household pets. It's also a landmark in book illustration. one of the first books ever to include photographs, photography was still a relatively new technology and like most scientists, Darwin wanted to make use of the latest techniques to make his points. It's still in print today, readily available in a recent edition, with a terrific introduction and commentaries by Paul Ekman, a modern pioneer in the study of emotions.