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Narratives focused niche areas of interest, i.e. health insurance/eLearning, eBooks and tourism

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cutting through the dramatic landscape of southern Utah. The valley of the Gods is unlike any other place in the country. It's red rock, sandstone formations and monoliths were formed over millions of years, giving this area and almost mythic beauty. And if you visited sunset, you'll be treated to one of nature's greatest shows. For years. Dr joe gray had been collecting cell samples from cancer patients at john Hopkins Hospital, but they all died within a few days. Then came a patient named Henrietta lacks. Unlike the others lacks cells doubled every 24 hours, seemingly without explanation. So dr gray dug deeper and what he found would change cancer treatment forever. When police arrived at the Malone House, they found blood splatter inside the house along with bloody footprints on the stone patio leading into the woods. But there was no body. So police began searching the woods behind the house. But then 24 hours later they got a call that would change everything. Health insurance coverage can be hard to understand. So here are the basics. There are two important numbers to focus on your premium and your deductible. Your premium is how much you need to pay each month to keep your insurance active. Your deductible is how much you need to pay out of pocket before your coverage kicks in