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Accomplished actor with feature film and network television credits.

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dave young will Thompson opened his eyes, there was a pain in the back of his head, dull and throbbing and as he looked out into the world around him. Something looked disquieting lee off. He was in the middle of a forest, which should mean that the majority of the colors seen here would b brown and green, but in the glow cast by his headlights, everything around him was either in shades of gray or red other than with his sisters. And mom had never really talked about his dad, How did he die? She was leaning her head at him in that way. She did now, forthright and innocent at the same time. He'd asked her that question so many times about her own parents, but she'd never once asked him before for his details. She wanted to know this lucy. I defended her and I hadn't meant to do that. The accidental vibrator delivery definitely hadn't helped plead my case. I don't want an escort. I want an actress. I know you're an excellent one and I happen to like you leah leah studied me. I can't spend a weekend with you pretending to be your girlfriend and having sex with you for money without feeling weird about it. Okay, so that had come across all wrong. Time too. Change tactics. Give the control to her Janet, returned the phone to her purse and twisted the key in the ignition when the headlights flashed on, she thought her tired eyes were deceiving her a large cloaked figure. Donning a jester mask stood only inches from her front bumper. She squinted, blinked, knowing that mask, but not knowing why, What the **** did this guy want? She palmed the horn, figuring that would startle him enough to send him on his way, but he didn't so much as flinch. She looked all around her were the doors all locked, windows rolled up. Yes, she was safe but unable to make her escape until he moved. Hey! She cried loud enough so she was sure he could hear. It's late and I'm in no mood for this. How about you take it somewhere else, huh? Well let's investigate it, Trent said as he went back to his desk to grab his things. See if we can elaborate on this theory. I think it's time for another visit to Samantha. I don't know if we should press her again so quickly, Amelia said a little conflicted about what the next step should be. It might make her more nervous if we go see her again yet knowing we're onto something might also make her open up to us more Trent. Said it'll at least show her that we're getting somewhere that the truth will come out eventually. Come on, I'll get you lunch after our discussion. Since I clearly owe you. You owe me a lot more than lunch, but I guess it's a good way to get started. Only if I lead the questioning though it all started a few months back on one of those typical warm, sunny, ******* freezing san Francisco days That morning. His unmarked gray 88 Chevy Caprice screeched around the corner. At the wheel was the man Detective Harry Hallahan Harry's ruggedly handsome and macho to the max. Before all this happened, he was the toughest cop I ever knew, held by noon. He'd have a 5:00 shadow. Harry was a man's man and trust me, they're hard to find in saN Francisco.