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This is my narration reel.

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If you want to make pizza from scratch, you've got to make the dough from scratch to all you need are a few simple ingredients. Unbleached flour, instant, dry yeast, sugar, salt water, and olive oil. Not only will this dough taste better, it's actually a lot easier to work with because it doesn't contain any preservatives. Win Win Scientists, New Mount ST Helens was dangerous. They just didn't know how dangerous. Then on may 18th, 1980 they got their answer with one of the most terrifying eruptions in memory. It was triggered by a massive earthquake, followed by the largest landslide in recorded history. two a.m. 10 miles off the coast of southern florida. The U. S. Coast Guard spots a boat idling in the water as they approach, guardsmen. Wayne Miller notices a flurry of activity on board. Two men, martin, Shelley and luis Menendez can be seen carrying a heavy object and dumping it in the water. Was it the body of Shelley's wife? Caroline investigators scrambled to find out on the morning of January 20, 2021. Not many people knew who Amanda Gorman was, but after performing her poem the hill we climb at President Biden's inauguration, Gorman quickly became a household name. Born in Los Angeles in 1998, Gorman took an unlikely rise to fame. Mhm