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Voice Over • Documentaries


Documentary Topics: Digital Music, Wingsuit Flyer, Climate Change

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US Mid-Atlantic


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In the 80s digital recording made a lot of beautiful things possible 96 kilohertz and 24 bit recordings made C. D. S, the new standard, the new bottom end range influenced disco and made it all the way into pop All of a sudden everything was made to be a dance record. It was a crisp, clear sound and people were into it in the rugged Rocca for a data mountains of Al montserrat Spain, alexander is attempting the impossible, a tactical flight through a narrow hole in the mountainside. Alexander has been a professional skydiver for 11 years and spent months carefully planning his approach angle through this hollow to practice hitting his mark, alexander will make to test jumps, he aims to break through a three ft by six ft foam sign strategically held up by two poles, just six ft off the ground. He's good but must have perfect aim, alexander makes his first jump and clips the gate just a foot off the bull's eye. So you probably know that we humans have been pumping a ton of carbon into the atmosphere and you know that we need to take action to cut that carbon to fight climate change. The good news is that we've got help. Canada's boreal forest pulls 100 and three million tons of carbon dioxide out of the air every year, Which is like taking 22 million cars off the road and stores that carbon safely 24/7 so if we want to fight climate change, we have to conserve the boreal forest