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Fictional History Narration and Storytelling - Audiobook/Documentary

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Sample from \"A Town of Night\" used with the permission of author, John William Worth. Describes the history and settlement of the fictional town of Nocturne, Maine, known to be the home of many strange disappearences.

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The story of Nocturne begins in the mid 16 hundreds when fur traders and explorers came from upstate new york and Canada in search of new land, there were several settlements that cropped up over the years, including what would one day be the cities of Bangor, Portland and dairy. Yet as these people spread and new homes and towns appeared, the area later known as Nocturne and its neighbors, Kelton and Doyle remained unclaimed. It was as if something lingered in the air and pushed travelers away. When asked why these lands were left alone, settlers had no definite answer. The most well known legend of Nocturne takes place in the 1740s, four explorers from Canada had heard of a large piece of unclaimed land nestled in the mountains to the southwest of the Penobscot River. This of course was Nocturne land wanting to stake a claim and earn fame and fortune by the untainted territory, they traveled to the area, but they were warned before they left Bangor of a rogue native american tribe that supposedly lived in the woods. Wild rumors circulated about the tribe. It was said that they were cannibals that they were akin to witches or in present day terms devil worshippers and that other strange things took place in those woods. The native americans were only an assumption. It is in this writer's opinion that since native americans were a fresh fear in settlers minds, that was the most likely cause for terror. In reality. The terror could have been anything Undeterred by these rumors. The settlers left Bangor early one morning and disappeared into the woods