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Cricket Biographies For Kids

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Audiobook - The 25 Greatest Cricketers of All Time (Cricket books for the whole family)

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cricket is a simple game that is played with two teams of 11 players and has silly words like doubly, doubly and yorker. Each team takes turns batting and fielding with the bowler trying to knock down the bail of the wicket and the batter, trying to stop this from happening by hitting the ball for a six, hopefully teams back in successive innings and attempt to score runs while the opposing team fields and attempts to bring an end to the batting team's innings after each team has battered the same number of innings. The team with the most runs wins depending on the format of cricket games can last anything from an afternoon for several days. But of course you already know all of this before we delve into some of the greatest players to ever play cricket, let's dive into a little bit of history about the great game. The sport of cricket is said to have originated in the south east of England in the 16th century. The first laws of cricket were written in 17 44 and it's a huge increase in popularity caused it to become the national sport of England shortly after cricket soon started to be recognised by the rest of the world, with the first international match being played in 18 44 between USA and Canada and the first recognised test match being played in 18 77. Fast forward to today and cricket is now one of the most popular sports in the world. Played regularly by approximately 220 million people from over 100 different countries and all kinds of backgrounds from all these hundreds of millions of people who have ever played the game. This book has selected the 25 greatest players of all time. Being called one of the goats greatest of all time is a very big claim to make and there are many factors that must be ticked for a player to even be considered in this bracket. It is not just the number of runs scored over their career or the number of sixes they hit, although for most of these players these stats are nothing short of brilliance. But it is also about their ability to be a great leader in the team, to step up in the big games and to leave a legacy upon the great sport of cricket.