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Declan McHugh - 'The Elephant Whisperer'

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This is the incredible true Storey off The Elephant Whisperer. 20 years ago, a herd of wild elephants went rogue in Zululand, South Africa, infuriating local people. Lorence Anthony took them into his game reserve. Their matriarch had been killed and they were only trying to protect each other. With their new matriarch, Nana at the helm, the herd kept breaking through the reserves electric fences. In desperation, Anthony started pleading with Nana to stay in the reserve. He knew she couldn't understand English, but hoped she would understand his tone on body language. Nana put her trunk through the fence towards Anthony and the herd calmed down. 13 years later, Anthony died. His wife was heartbroken. Then a miracle happened. Suddenly a herd of elephants visited the house. They must have travelled for hours to get there. They were last seen on the other side of the reserve. How could the elephants have known that Anthony had passed? Elephants are known to grieve their dead and they obviously counted this man as one of them. The elephants act of respect gives us extraordinary proof ofthe animal sensitivity and awareness. All right,