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British, England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), England - South East (Oxford, Sussex)


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as the unofficial capital of the Midwest, Chicago was a vital link between the coasts. The hub for major railways. Home to America's first skyscraper on bustling with over one million residents, Antarctica are barren frontier at the bottom of the world. It's the most extreme continent on earth, a mysterious place almost completely devoid of life. But ironically, what happens here? Khun Sound Early warnings for the rest of the world protected corner of Brazil's Pantanal has opened a window into the lives of Jag. U ous for talker for Steve Winter and cameramen Birdie Gregory have come to catch them in action. They tracked the big male they call Scarface, but he's not alone. 17 81 Former colonies began rebuilding after the Revolutionary War. One of the early voices for a strong national government is Alexander Hamilton. After the war, Hamilton returns home. Hamilton establishes a successful legal practise to support his family