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Alison Inconstanti Commercial Demo

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Voice Over • Television Ad


I specialize in kids voices but can do a conversational adult read too.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)


US Mid-Atlantic


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when you're a burger king kids called member fun things happen, you get a membership card stickers, a free birthday meal and mail filled with cool stuff. You can join any burger king for free. All you got to be is a kid wanna try one of my worms, Trolli sour Brite crawlers, gummy candy. That's fun to eat truly. The ones with fun. Okay, this is for everyone who has become very skeptical about fat free salad dressings when four winds promised great creamy, italian taste I thought, yeah, right, but it's very creamy and it's very tasty. I bet you did something today. You feel pretty good about. Bet you did. So go get your mars bar chill dudes, there's more fox kids coming right up. A hero. Can be anyone who inspires you. Anyone, you look up to, anyone who cheers you on makes you better than you were before. Do you know a hero, Tell her what could be more fun than rolling film or in the snow. Lots of things really. But these Simpson video games are the closest, it's an avalanche of Simpson's hits on every video game system for action, excitement and fun with bart homer and crusty