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Audio Book Sample - Suspense Thriller



My classic British male accent, with strong clarity, authority and adaptability.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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in March 2015. On a crisp spring morning, I received a letter from the executor of a distant relatives will informing me that I was one of the beneficiaries. My relative, who at this stage shall remain nameless, was an archaeologist who moved to the Middle East in the 19 seventies for reasons that were never particularly clear. A few weeks after I received the lawyers missive, a crate arrived from Iran containing old books in both Persian and English. But at the bottom of the crate, I found a sealed letter box. When I opened the mysterious receptacle, first thing I saw was a hand written note that simply said, Be careful to whom you tell your secrets beneath the Noto yellowed hand written pages. And as I began to read wth, um, I realised I had the original manuscript of something so rare and precious it would change my life forever.