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English - USA, North American, neutral, female adult, mid-west

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Although her career began on the stage, Dame, Judi Dench has acted in over 60 feature films from Queen Elizabeth, the first in Shakespeare. In love to em in the James Bond films she inhabits each role with total commitment and courage. I think you should take your job seriously, Dench says, but not yourself, that is the best combination. Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Will they come from your brain? The brain is one of the biggest and most important organs in your body. Think of the brain as your control center, it controls your ability to move, think, remember, feel, see, even breathe. This is why it's so important to take care of the iconic red dome of Florence. Cathedral was completed in 14 36 during the height of the renaissance by Filippo Brunelleschi to this day, it is still the largest masonry dome ever built and stretches a magnificent 45 m wide. One of the most common areas we hold stress is in our hands. Luckily a hand massage is an easy way to relieve tension. Start at the base of the palm and push your thumbs upward like this. We also recommend using a hand cream with a calming scent like lavender or jasmine