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Australian Soldier

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Voice Over • Videogames


Voices lines for First Person Shooter's, It has Victory, Defeat, Funny, death sounds, Callouts, positive lines

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian, New Zealand


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Yeah, I might. How's gallant? Walkie. That's one Bloody ****. Where the guy? Maybe after this, it might go back to my plate. Have Bobby came to join. Well, Dad, let's beers are on me tonight. Don't let it get down. Too much, Mike. Things happen. We'll get God damn it. I need to make it here. I need a bloody make it. Guess I won't patch me up. Thank you, Mike. Oh, yeah, baby, get down. Take cover. Can I? What you have alone? I hear four steps. Safety off. You were gonna animal like a bar. Any ammo? **** amount Flack made as a tank. And here's a tank. It won't want to use it on the air support. Now. I don't care what the general said. I need air support now. Black Mai. I need a beer. But the lie ladies might be a stash appears in their base. I don't care what waste you are. All I know is every or love and nice ******* call one. Yeah, a lot. Why do I hear level of music? Yeah, Got one. Got to Godfrey game on your glass. It I'll take you all out. Yeah, No, like Yes. Make sure you cheque a nice cold one for mate. For Australia. What bloody ****! That was a close one. I'm driving Dave. Shotgun on the tart. Ha ha. Yeah. We'll show these spots of what we could do, and therefore you might Where? The axe About Dr Kim on Mike. There's no time for a nap. Get you *** up, mate. We're gonna water with it. I'm not going down without a fight. If I'm going down, I'm gonna make sure of being the boss is with me.