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in this video, we're going to cover how to add a quiz com list filter plus Web part to your SharePoint lists and libraries. Start off by clicking on the gear icon in the top left corner of the page, then click on the edit page option in the drop down menu. Now click on the insert tab in your ribbon, then click on the Web part. But here you should see some folders on the left hand side underneath the categories heading. Scroll down until you see the quiz com folder and click on it from the Latin words meaning the center and to seek centripetal force draws of rotating body towards the center of rotation instead of a straight line. This effect is most obvious when spinning a small rock or other mass on the end of the string. Centripetal force keeps the string taut and the tethered rocks spinning in the air along a circular path. The force felt on a tethered object. Moving in a circular path is weakest in words with no force it all experienced at the centre, but the force grows stronger the farther away you are. From that point, a game of steam park is made up of six turns. Each turn consists of four phases, role dirt, actions and income At the end of the income phase of the last turn, the game EMS player with the most money is the winner. You gain money for every visitor in your park at the end of each turn and for the bonus cards that you playing.