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Filipino American Voice Actor, Commercial, Female

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Voice Over • Television Ad


1. Dove - straight forward. 2. E.L.F. Cosmetics - revamped. 3. Build-A-Bear - sweet. 4. Always - sassy. 5. Johnson's - gentle. 6. Justice - empowered. 7. Tropical Smoothie Cafe - feel good. 8. Barbie - possibilities. 9. Walt Disney World - magical. 10. Leap Frog Academy - fun. 11. Reeses P

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North American


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your skin isn't just skin, it's a reflection of every single thing you've been through renew the love for your skin with dove body wash cruelty free Paraben free 100% vegan. This beauty squad has been totally revamped. That's Elfin, amazing introducing her articles. The new blind bag collection from build a bear workshop. It's filled with surprises. Which one will you get ladies? 60% of you are still wearing pads that leak. Come on. Really find your best fit with. Always johnson's the power of gentle. Dare to be different. Dare to be you. You are creative. You are brave. You will change the world. Justice girls where every girl is awesome. Oh, it's time for some sunshine. Eat better and feel better at tropical smoothie cafe. What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything. They become more than they imagined unlock possibilities with barbie. To some magic is mickey to others. It's flying elephants or pixie dust. However you define magic, you can find it here walt, Disney world magic is waiting, begin your kids learning adventure with leapfrog academy. Start your one month free trial today. Breaking news. I'm popular now. Well at lunch I found myself sitting near the popular's, you know the ones, the salad eaters, One girl says, my boyfriend keeps bringing me candy. It's evil. Then I say, how can researchers be evil? Then she tosses me a minute. I opened my mouth, catch it and swallow it in one gulp, jaws drop impressed. I say watch this next thing I know I toss like three in the air, catch them on the first try, and they're all laughing hysterically. Just with those lettuce lovers needed. My brothers taught me well.