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Cute and Scary characters for Animation and Video Games in English

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Voice Over • Animation


A recently recorded reel of characters I've accumulated over the years.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Welcome to rapid fire Sports chat with me, the mad mutt. This podcast is brought to you by Sports for dum dum dummies. Let's get to it, knicks nets, bouncing a big orange ball, weak human beings join us and become a demon. Better yourself thousands of years. If not, you will die thousands of deaths for all eternity. I do not have an explanation why that monster is growling at us that well, my doodle search confirms that it is. It's mating call that is unfortunate. I am the lower master of the Clancy clan. The evil king has enslaved my people. Find the priestess of my clan. She's the only chance for your escape. Follow this map. If you don't, you will not survive. What's that? A portable pocket telephone. In my day, we used to use the telegraph, a roller machine. I even came up with all them dots and dashes. But my best friend, Samuel Morris took all the credit, and that's why the history books don't call it, grandpa, You lizzie's Code. Hello, fellow kitties. Let's get ready for some good old cat stuff. Like playing with giant balls of yarn, shredding the curtains or falling asleep in the sunlight. Doesn't that sound possum? Yes, I am quite the eager historian. I would be loud ID to sing the story of the most influential founding father in our nation's history, alexander Hamilton's son. What do you mean? It's been done