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Hello my Dear Students

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hello in regards to the background i did a demo on how to teach students the basic shapes in art.

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Hello, good afternoon to you. Made your students by the way. Before we start I would like to introduce myself to you. I am drago or not valid to but you can call me get your drinks okay. The party started today. I will be discussing to you one of the fundamental aspects of what which is the basic shapes. Well, these have any idea what are the well for those people who doesn't have any idea or what our shapes. I'll give you a refresher. Mm Or perhaps you have already drawn them that you have no idea. What are your names and forms. So district This one I'm holding is a square. Say it again. It's clear. Very good. The next thing I'm going to show you is the circle like this. It's a round circle. Okay. It doesn't have in a sense because it is, it is a circle. Okay. Say it again circle. Very good. The next one I'm going to show you is a triangle training with your shape with this. See that you just call that driving because it has three sides. Why two and three for me. Steel again? Train good. The next one I'm going to show you is the rectangle. Mhm Make it a rectangle is somewhat similar square except it is to say it's a bit are longer. Okay. The next, the next ship I'm going to show to you Easter seven I said to her is shaped like this. It's somewhat seven recover or cone better. It's somewhat around but very slender key. And the next year I'm going to tell you the president a pen to doing a shape like this? See that one it is has a mental illness. Five sites for two, three. You're right. Say it again and again. Very good. And yeah, the next step I'm going to show it to you. Is there rimless? Just one? Well, depending on its aromas it is somewhat similar to a document. Okay. And the next ship I'm going to show you is to trapezoid. It's somewhat similar to Oscar but a little bit pointed happens. It is closed trapezoid. Okay. And mhm mhm The next year is that, is this one? It's called the open. Yeah. I mean they were it see very familiar with the one that you're doing breakfast. That is right. But the shape is like an over over. Okay. And the respect at least is the octu them hit the ground but dr good especially which has hey 123456 mm. So that is where it was after them in the outback in eight agree with me. Okay. And by the way, what is the relationship within parts in the shapes that you know shares play an important role in the creation of parts. We also helped to create complex drawings and paintings. They affect the conversation can contribute balance. We didn't work shape is a two dimensional area that is defined by change in value or something other form of contrast. Yeah. And you know, but if you if you know how to master control the shape, the days. Are you aware though? And if you measure how to draw them, you have any idea that defendant to everything. You were inspired? Yes, it's true. So for our first assignment for for today, I will let you draw the ships on your own. I want you to submit it tomorrow before request. Okay. So that is fornell and thank you and have a nice day. Bye bye.