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Short samples of various projects I have voiced, including internet demos, radiodrama, and educational projects.

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Welcome to Dr Kiki Science. Our I am Dr Kiki and this is a show where you get to delve in for the better part of an hour to a subject in the sciences. I hope you are set up prepared, ready to listen. First up, a report from the University of British Columbia looked at data for jellyfish populations over the past 50 years in 45 marine ecosystems around the world. The numbers of the tentacled creatures are on the rise in 62% of the areas looked at in the study. Most of these areas are heavily impacted by human activities. Technology advances. The rotary phone, once the epitome of technology, has been replaced by the cellphone typewriter replaced by a laptop. And where once you had to fax for shift documents around the globe for signature, you now have daki signs. Close it in the cloud and keep everyone in the loop in real time. With blue kiwi, you can easily create and manage your internal social network to foster greater collaboration and fully engaged your workforce. Here is a quick snapshot of your home page. As you can see, all your professional experience has been filled in. Based on your linked in profile, it has never been easier to keep your profile up to date and get immediate access to valuable people. So you want to be a time pilot. First, you must understand how time travel works. Let's start small. Imagine if you will, that your front door is a time portal and you can set it for the future or the past. Let us assume it is dinner time and you don't want to cook. But last week you cooked a big meal and it was good, good, good. So you set the time portal on your front door for supper time one week ago and in you go through the time portal when you arrive on the other side. However, instead of the smell of last makes good good cooking, you find yourself drifting helplessly through deep space millions of miles from your home planet, and soon you're dead. This concludes the Staffing Guidelines module. Remember that you can close this module and come back in at any time to re enter your staffing data