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Brand: Thorn Lighting / Topic: Climate Awareness

Voice Over • Online Ad


Voiceover recorded to support Thorn Lighting's Sustainability, durability, and the protection of the environment, that are all issues that sit right at the heart of Thorn, today more so than ever.

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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the Earth. Our home here Life began and has been sustained for a billion years. It's the only planet known to have a life friendly atmosphere. Oxygen rich air, mhm oceans of water, biodiverse life. There are unique and untouched natural resources, but they are limited. We are making tomorrow's climate today more than ever. We have to use our understanding of our planet system. We must give back what has been given to us for so long. Mhm. There are countless secrets we have yet to unravel. We have to be good guides so that we and future generations can live in harmony with our planet. It's time to interact. Smart. It's time to use our influence more than ever. Make the change. Yeah, yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah.