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United Nations Road Safety Fund

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It was a an absolute honour to play a small part in providing the VoiceOver for this hugely important United Nations Road Safety directive. Created, to work diligently towards preventing the needless loss of life, though targeted road safety improvements and initiatives.

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Safe mobility lies at the heart of sustainable development. But every year 1.35 million people are killed on the world's roads 50 million more are injured. Road crashes are the leading cause of death for young people and developing countries bear the greatest burden on top of the enormous human suffering caused the economic costs of poor road safety keep hundreds of millions in poverty. This is why the U. N. Road Safety Fund was created. The United Nations Road Safety Fund was established to deliver a vision where all road users are safe everywhere in the world. This is critical to our collective efforts to accelerate the implementation of the sustainable development goals. I'm proud that UNsC hosts the secretariat of the fund and I'm also confident that the funds targeted action will solve millions of lives worldwide. The fund finances projects in low and middle income countries targeting key gaps in their road safety systems. This is guided by the global framework plan of Action for road safety which advances the safe systems approach. The fund delivers catalytic funding to impact driven projects. It leverages the unique strengths and expertise of 10 United Nations organisations, other international organizations, governments, civil society, the private sector and academia. This unique coordinated approach is already supporting concrete action on the ground through projects around the world. The funds advisory board and steering committee ensure transparent governance and a voice for all stakeholders and safe mobility donors from the private and public sector are mobilizing to support this work. The fund will also harness innovative financing mechanisms but together we must do much more demand for funding, vastly outstrips available resources without addressing the critical funding gap faced today, millions of lives will be needlessly lost. Dear Friends Un Road Safety Fund can help saving lives, but demand for the fund far outstrips available resources. We will have needed over $60 million to finance the project proposals received in our first school. As for now, we have received four millions. We need your help contribute to the fund. Together, let's stop the rising tide of road deaths and injuries. We need your help to save lives contribute to the fund.