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Okay, hotshot, you've made it through level one of Starbucks barista Train. Think you're ready for level two? Well, there's only one way to find out. It's time to talk about hygiene on the job. No, I don't mean wearing the right deodorant, though. We do suggestion where, toder, but rather how you can keep your customers safe by handling food and drinks the right way. This training module is aimed at anyone who needs a basic understanding of the general Agreement on Trade in Services gats. It was developed by WTO's specialists on gaps and includes interactive tests, which allow you to measure your progress in learning the content you can navigate through the material using the back and next buttons on each page. Alternatively, you can use the tree men in the left margin of each page to jump directly to the sections that interest you. University compliance services will continue to support existing online training hosted on the CTS until one the CTS has retired or to the module is moved into UT learn. However, in order for training modules to be supported by university compliance services in you team learned they must meet the following minimum criteria, the proposed training must pertain to a compliance topic, a law rule or policy compliance. Training is not the same thing as required training, and there must be a statutory requirement.