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Documentaries are educational, descriptive, educational, and sincere.

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In producing these documentaries, I chose items and skills important to me. Being thoughtful and caring. Willing to listen and communicate effectively. Compromising when negotiating. Appreciating the wildlife in Colorado and the conservation practices we maintain.

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a good pair of socks can take you a long way. But for too many people struggling with homelessness, a good pair of socks can be hard to find. So when the creators of Bombay's decided to start their sock company, they made a vow for every pair of socks a soul they would donate one to a homeless shelter. The result. Over 10 million pairs have been donated, with millions more to come. When you go to bartending school, they teach you how to make cocktails. But here's a secret about tending. Bar making drinks is just one part of the job. The biggest and most important part is dealing with people. Bars attract every kind of person. Old, young, happy, depressed, white collar, blue collar. As a bartender, it's your job to make everyone feel welcome. Too many people go into a negotiation with a head full of steam. As a result, they refused to compromise and wind up with nothing. That's a mistake. Instead, negotiate with an open mind, listen to what the other side has to say and make them feel understood. By offering an olive branch, you just might find you get more in return before Europeans arrived in North America, an estimated 10 million elk roamed the countryside from the Atlantic coast all the way to western Canada. As a country was settled, the population was decimated, with only 50,000 elk remaining at the turn of the 20th century. But with the help of the National Park Service, this majestic animal has made an impressive recovery.