Australian commercial demo 2023

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My professionally produced Australian commercial voiceover demo.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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I'm a man, Leighton. This's my voice demo. Every burger is freshly made to order. Freshness is everything and hungry. Jack's Arazi beef is flame grilled in our restaurants and served with fresh, crisp salads. Download the latest version of the Hungry Jack's apt to get your flame grilled favourites delivered now. So I was on Spotify last night and found this amazing track by this guy called Joji checked out the song radio, and it was this insane collection of artists I've never heard ofthe. Have you found anything good on Spotify lately? Life is changing and we need to change with it, thanks to efforts and stopping the spread within our local communities where on the path to a better and brighter future. Stay covert smart. Stay covert safe. The next great advance in four by four featuring groundbreaking technology, Go explore the best backyard in the world in the best four will drive in the world. The old newness and patrol It's the Storey of America, then told by American asked the world famous storey of Alexander Hamilton, now available for streaming on Disney. Plus, I don't wanna have to call for an uber I need the car in the morning. Come off my face should be fine. Dr I. What's the worst that could happen? Saturday's on ABC Kids experience the wonder of Julia Donaldson's classic tales This Saturday. Gruff Lows Child leaves the house to search the woods for an infamous mouse. Julia Donaldson specials. Continue with the Gruff Lows Child. This Saturday, 5 15 on ABC Kids when we connect you to another and another, that's you to the power of us. It's a human equation that puts you at the heart of everything we do. So you can talkto an archaeologist or an artist, even a radiography toe. Look into the past. For the answers of Tomorrow at Macquarie University, you become more than just you. You become you to the power of us.