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A short demo on the documentary of figure skating, which I provided a narrator's voice

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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it was once considered high art. Now it's going high tech computers and new training devices are helping skaters jump higher and rotate faster in order to compete on the olympic level, skaters must train longer and harder than ever before. Years of training come down to one moment, everyone is striving for the perfect 6.0 and the pressure is intense. Two rivals, world champion alexei Yagudin and U. S. National champion Michael Weiss, take us backstage to see the hidden world of figure skating and an up and coming superstar, Naomi Nari Nam shares her olympic sized dream. The blade a piece of steel only three wide ground and sharpened to form two edges, water cooled to 24 degrees. Fahrenheit, one world class athlete capable of speeds faster than the quickest olympic, sprinter And F. Lee able to rotate four times in less than 1/2. It all comes together to create an event unequaled in power and grace a sport of precision artistry and danger. It's a way of life on the skater's edge. The skating career begins simply enough. A lesson here. A friend skating party there, but many skaters and their families want to take the sport to a competitive level, hoping that a young skater is the next Dorothy Hamill or Scott Hambleton first. It's estimated that to learn to six major jumps in skating, an athlete must attempt each jump several 1000 times. By then, the jumps are committed to what scientists call muscle memory or motor program action. Where the athlete no longer thinks consciously about precise movements of the jump