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The Iliad, book 24

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This is a brief excerpt from Homer's Iliad. King Priam, an old man, comes to beg the young warrior Achilles for the body of Hector, his son.

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the Iliad By Homer Translated by Samuel Butler Book 24. With these words Mercury went back to High Olympus. Priam sprang from his chariot to the ground, leaving ideas where he was in charge of the mules and horses. The old man went straight into the house where Achilles loved of the gods were sitting there. He found him with his men seated at a distance from him, only to the hero, Automaton and alchemists of the race of mars were busy in attendance about his person, for he had but just done eating and drinking and the table was still there. King Priam entered without their seeing him and going right up to Achilles. He clasped his knees and kissed the dread murderous hands that had slain so many of his sons as when some cruel spite has befallen a man that he should have killed someone in his own country and must fly to a great man's protection in a land of strangers and all marvel who see him even so did Achilles marvel as he helped prime him. The others looked one to another and marveled also, but Prime Basat Achilles saying, Think of your father! Oh, Achilles like unto the gods! Who is such! Even as I am on the sad threshold of old age, it may be that those who dwell near him, harass him and there's none to keep war and ruined from him yet. When he hears of you being still alive he is glad and his days are full of hope that he shall see his dear son come home to him from Troy. But I wretched man that I am, had the bravest in all troy from my sons, and there is not one of them left. I had 50 sons when the Acadians came here, 19 of them were from a single womb, and the others were born to me by the women of my household. The greater part of them had fierce mars laid low and Hector him who was alone, left him, who was the Guardian of the City, and ourselves him. Have you lately slain? Therefore I am now come to the ships of the occasions to ransom his body from you with a great ransom. Fear! Oh! Achilles! The Wrath of Heaven! Think of your own father, and have compassion upon me who I am the more pitiable for. I have steeled myself, as no man yet has ever steeled himself before me, and have raised to my lips the hand of him who slew my son.