It All Started Down at the Stewart's



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Dale wasn't lying. The whole of a considerable size was indeed being prepared. Feeling the silly exuberance of spring, I decided to tempt fate and ride all the way home with the windows down between the rustling chill and drip, drip, drip of my Sinuses, I needed a hot shower. I was happy to find the house silent. Molly had left instructions on a dish in the fridge. Put the Castrol in a 3 50 for an hour, set the alarm. Uh, it took no offense. As these basic instructions were considerate of the ridiculously simple extent of my cooking ability. Molly knows that I will blow it if I don't set the alarm. Borden If these days good three fingers of Tellem or do and what remained of my water. Honestly, if it weren't for the unregulated flow of alcohol, come the afternoon. What the **** would retirement even be worth? I don't get drunk, mind you, but I've like a bit on wind sighs. Perhaps a nudge toward more creative thought would help me wrap my mind around all that was going on. Why would Dale tell anyone about doors? Why would you continue to act like it? was no big deal. Doors was healthy as recently as the holidays, and any progressive condition would have gotten spilled. It Stewart's over coffee. After all, we're all old guys. And it wasn't like we didn't take a certain dreadful reassurance, enlisting our various challenges that continued to mount the older we got. It wasn't Stewart's where Dale convinced me to come around to clean his gutters in the fall. He no longer trusted himself on the ladder. It was it Stewart's after a fairly classic Dale tale of his concern and laugh riddled trauma about seeing me atop a ladder, leaning back on steadily from under the eave, clear his gutters. Well, we both decided that state Beanies were indeed enough to swallow the hard pill of leaving all things ladder related to the younger men. Men without our money or fiscal security men who stole our sense of balance and physical strength, we would trade our good fortune for their fine palates and reliable muscle control. The ****'s a deal with that whole. According to Dale, it was doors. His whole the time cancel thing was alive, a bad one. No one would believe it for a second