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Eric's Character Demo

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Voice Over • Animation


This demo was written, recorded, and edited, by myself.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
at last I found it. The sword of my ancestors. With this at my side. I can reclaim my throne. Excuse me, sire. But I don't believe a mere sword is going to help you win back your throne. Where have you been, lad? I've been waiting. We're in a fortnight for you. I have. I was paying the tab that you skipped out on and assuring the barkeep that you'd return his wife. Ah, the recipe calls for. Well, I don't have any of that. No matter. I'll just substitute it with a little of this and it didn't work. Rejoice for your country is now under roman rule. Consider yourselves privileged to be living under the wise and merciful eye of caesar. Hi there. Welcome to my shop. If you break it, you buy it. Now, how can I help you folks? Now, listen. Here you scurvy dogs. You'll never find the treasure without me, throw me over if you will. But you'll regret it. This is eric Hoffman. Thanks for listening.