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I am Florence. For Coyote A Battle is a great Christian movie that encompasses all aspects of life. I later understood that there is a call and deliberate actions towards evangelism, intercession, unity as the body of Christ and always been connected to God at every now and then. And I understood from no blood, no glory, that no process, no growth, no Jesus, no life. My favourite character in a battle movies, Barbero, about Monroe played a crucial role in the level of Martin's. It not only save Martin's life, he saved Flora's life through his obedience. So we need to be totally yielded to God. So we just like Obama. Rudy. Mm. My expectation in a battle of Season three is that Drew Sawyer. We submit the Lordship of Jesus Christ on the long run, but they will be killed because one of his boys must have confessed that it was one that sent them to boggled the prison. And then when it's still definitely, it was so far and also added Kayla's family about Diana's family for US family. They will shake the world world for Jesus everywhere they are. God bless Mongolian family, more grease more strength, more capacity, more wisdom, more inspiration. More regulations in the name of Jesus. Keep watching be your entertainment show with P V O.