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British IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / Answering service / On hold

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Voice Over • Telephone


A collection of IVR / On hold messaging / answering machine messages to showcase effective and friendly client contact.

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Scottish, Scottish (Aberdeen, Dundee), Scottish (Glaswegian)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Hello and welcome to Fraser Tech. Please note that all calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. We will put you through to one of our friendly team shortly. As of today, you have £62.14 in your account. Press one to hear our next batch. Of course, dates and prices. It's too to register on, Of course, Press three. To find out about our upcoming events, it's four to book travel arrangements or press five to speak to one of our team. Thank you for calling Galbraith's dental practise. We are closed for lunch, one until two p.m. If you wish to leave a message, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for holding. Carruthers and McGregor lead homes in the Glen, brittle sky car boast and broad food areas and have been one of the areas leading estate in Latin agents for over 15 years. Why not log in to W W Hello and thank you for calling us today. I can understand your questions. So in your own words, why are you calling us today? You can say things like arrange travel or begun to. Of course. Thank you for calling Miller Carpenters. We are sorry to keep you waiting and we'll be with you shortly. Did you know that we can provide bespoke designs to find out more about our products and how to use our free design services? Why not visit our website? Thank you for holding. We know you are waiting and someone will be with you as soon as they can. Our team are currently away on a lunch break. We know we'd rather they were available to answer all calls 24 7 to feel free to leave a message or give us a call back after. I'm sorry. No one is available to take your call right now. Please leave a message with your name and why you are calling and someone will get back to you during our opening hours. This call will now end goodbye