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An annual recap for the Foundation for Education in Honduras (Disclosure: I'm on the Board). Both uplifting in the discussion of the work that has been done, but emotional in the description of what many Honduran children endure.

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Just a few years ago, we embarked on a journey towards a better future for the Children of Honduras. Since then, we've been made aware of the needs of even more Children, families and communities. Many of them live in desperation in inequality in the midst of socio economic difficulties that prevent a good quality education for the youth. In Honduras, there are many difficult circumstances that don't allow thousands of Children to attend school. We reach communities where Children had to attend classes under a tree because the school had completely deteriorated in other schools, the students don't have a place to write a place to sit drinkable water or even toilets. At Fei, we decided to work hard to change that reality, together with our donors and volunteers were moving forward and growing together. In this mission, we continue with our sights, set on that goal and are advancing together. We've developed our projects with the help of the Children's parents, their teachers and other members of the communities. For hundreds of Children, phase work has changed their lives. Now going to school gives them a glimmer of hope for the future, and it also brings them happiness our work is not just change the lives of the Children. We've seen positive changes in the parents and the families, and in every single school we've broken ground on, the enrollment has significantly increased. Fe does not just improve infrastructure for a better quality education. Through Fe, we've created a program that has directly benefited the artisans and small business owners in Honduras. Shoemakers, seamstresses who saw the uniforms, carpenters that build the desks by hand, and shop owners from whom we purchased the backpacks and school supplies. And at each school construction. We have the commitment of the entire community toe work in the construction of the school. It's not just about changing a school building. It's about changing lives, feeding the dreams of people to give hope for a better future. Ribbon that is quite a school inauguration is a symbol of a new beginning for the Children. It's also a symbol of a new challenge for fate to keep growing in achieving new goals to help even more Children in Honduras. Your donations have been fundamental to keep us growing to take steps to accomplish what we want to achieve your donations air necessary for today, for tomorrow to build on these projects and keep the smiles on the faces of these Children. Thank you for believing in Fe. Thank you. Because with you were growing together.