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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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just two miles away in the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve is another island, Pocky. It's rapidly eroding from sea level rise in coastal storms. Deep inside an aerial three D laser scanning method, Lied are detected two mysterious circles from Pocky Island on foot. You'd never know they were there. Meet Jerry. He's a smart, hardworking fifth grader who struggled with reading. I gave him a lot of additional help with reading. He really wanted to learn to read, but he was stuck and couldn't quite get there. As I worked with him, it was clear that he had trouble with basic reading skills, skills he should have developed years ago. The climate emergency is the most serious issue facing Canada this election. Remember what happened last time? We were promised riel climate action, and we ended up buying a 60 year old pipeline. Green Party leader Elizabeth May has been sounding the alarm for years. She's the only one with an evidence base plan that will actually do something. If we could start from scratch and forget everything we know about healthcare, would we invent the same health care system we have today? What would happen if we started with a basic principle that everyone deserves access to quality health care. That financial barrier shouldn't get in the way of treatment.